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Apricot and Amberleigh Emusibles

Adventures in Recording.

Cute Valentine Jewelry, Cards and gifts for kids

Valentines Day is for Kids too!

Valentine's Day Gifts and Valentines Day Cards for Kids? This is a lovely idea, but how do you handle the school valentine exchange? What gifts can be given to best friends both boy and girl? How do you help kids deal with Valentines Day? The UK takes Valentines Day far too seriously and Valentines Day is very adult orientated. In schools, the most popular boys and girls get dozens of cards, most of the boys don't give and many girls get nothing... This is a far cry from how it started. In the USA Valentines Day is for everyone, young and old. Let's take the disappointment out of Valentines Day and put the magic back.

Sweet Valentine Cards for Kids

A Gallery of Cute Cards...

These rather special cards from Zazzle can be customised if needed. Usually there is a discount for bulk buys too, which makes them a little more affordable for class valentine exchanges. 

Cute Valentine's Day Card for Kids
Cute Valentine's Day Card for Kids by kidsonly
Look at other Valentines day Cards at
Cute Valentine's Day Card for Kids
Cute Valentine's Day Card for Kids by kidsonly
Shop for a card with
Love Is Best! But.... Card
Love Is Best! But.... Card by persimew
Find more Love is best Cards at Zazzle
Kiss A Frog Card
Kiss A Frog Card by persimew
Browse more Frog Cards at Zazzle

Valentine Gifts for a Boy

Bling Watch, Chocolate Boxing Gloves or Cufflinks?

What do you give a boy for Valentine's Day? Something he won't find too soppy for sure! I thought perhaps bling watches were affordable and fashionable, chocolate boxing gloves are cool - chocolate with a macho edge to it - and a Valentine style message. You can invest in chocolate boxing glove molds and make something special just for him. For the older boy from his real girlfriend, maybe some heart shaped cufflinks would be good to wear at the prom? 

Sweet Love Themed T-Shirts for Valentines Day

Kids and Teens Love T-Shirts for Valentine's

These cute love themed shirts would make cool gifts for girls and even boys. Most of them can be customized by choosing different styles or adding messages. 

Cute Valentine's Day Tees
Cute Valentine's Day Tees by dizzypixels
Make your own custom t shirts online at Zazzle
Valentine Flutter Bird Tshirts
Valentine Flutter Bird Tshirts by candystore
Browse Zazzle for a different shirt design
Froggy Love is Simply Magic Tees
Froggy Love is Simply Magic Tees by persimew
Look at more Frog T-Shirts at zazzle

Valentine Cards Boys Might Choose...

Because love is soppy.... ugh!

Ever wondered why it is the girl who send cards? Little boys might not like buying Valentine cards you know, because they are so girly. Here are a few great cards that are not girly in the least.

Dead Things Greeting Cards
Dead Things Greeting Cards by orsobear
Check out other Valentine's Cards at

And on that note, I hope you and your kids all have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Love themed t-shirts for valentine's day

Katma Sutra Hoodie
Katma Sutra Hoodie by persimew
Get the best custom tshirts from

Valentines Day Shirts

Love themed T-shirts are not just for Valentines Day you know! As a designer I have to say you should wear them all year round. Rather than wear your heart on your sleeve, you could in fact wear your heart on your chest if you buy a Love Themed shirt. Is this a possibility worth exploring? Would such a gift be welcome, or would the wearer just seem silly?

Whether romantic, cute, sassy or innocent, here are a few I really like. What do you think? Cards and roses are pretty much a given thing, presents for those we love too, but what about Valentines Day Tshirts 

Cute Love Shirts - Sweet and Innocent is Best

The traditions of V Day are so well known and a Loved Up Tee could be a new one! (And not just for Valentine's Day!) Definitely cute, definitely girly. Would you wear one of these girly Valentines Day Tshirts 

Love Kitties T Shirts
Love Kitties T Shirts by candystore
Look at more Cat T-Shirts at zazzle
T Shirt-Valentine's Giraffe-Men,boy,lady,girl Top
T Shirt-Valentine's Giraffe-Men,boy,lady,girl Top by forbes1954
Check out Valentine's T-Shirts online at zazzle
Love Owls T-shirt
Love Owls T-shirt by candystore
Design unique customizable clothing online at Zazzle.

Ever So Slightly Naughty Tees - Cute Tees are Naughty but Nice...

Graphic won't make the grade here, but naughty might.... These Valentines Day Tshirts are cute in both senses of the word! 

Chick Magnet! Tee Shirts
Chick Magnet! Tee Shirts by VectorSmith
View other Funny T-Shirts at

Anti Valentines Day Shirts - Shirts for the Heartless or Heartbroken?

Not everyone is a sucker for V Day! 

Mending A Broken Heart gothic fairy Shirt
Mending A Broken Heart gothic fairy Shirt by strangeling
View Valentine T-Shirts online at zazzle
Valentine Zombies Shirt
Valentine Zombies Shirt by ChiaPetRescue
Check out more Valentine's day T-Shirts at Zazzle

To find true love you have to kiss a lot of frogs!

So the saying goes anyway and when you get to my age you see a little truth in that wise old saying so to finish off with, lets celebrate the old legend of the Princess and the Frog... but just look carefully at how the story ends. You just never know...

Froggy Love is Simply Magic Tees
Froggy Love is Simply Magic Tees by persimew
Browse Frog T-Shirts online at

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