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Apricot and Amberleigh Emusibles

Adventures in Recording.

Furry Bones Pendant Gifts For Kids

Furry Bones Pendants - A Cute Halloween or Christmas Gift For Teens and Tweens

Fuury Bones Hootie Pendant

These adorable little Furry Bones pendants would make great prizes for Halloween Party Games or simply as party favours or presents for kids to enjoy. They are such cute pendants for kids and would make ideal gifts for fashion conscious teens and tweens, Furry Bones pendants are affordable and fun. They are also collectable and we all know how much kids like to collect and swap little creatures.

Pink Octopus Octopee Furry Bones Collectible Pendant Necklace

This cute pink octopus pendant from Furry Bones Collectibles is just adorable.

Octopee necklace pendant

Here are some of the nicest furry bones pendants.

Cute Furry Bones Collectibles 

Thank you for looking at my furry bones selection. You can see more furry bones gifts on this link:

"Skulls and Stars" Greeting Card
"Skulls and Stars" Greeting Card by strangeling
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