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Apricot and Amberleigh Emusibles

Adventures in Recording.

Dolcie Muse

Dolcie Muse is the name of my new sheet music store on Sibelius Music. This store presently has 168 scores listed for download and printing using Scorch, an add on to the Sibelius Music site, some are free and some available for a small fee. This page will feature a few sample MP3s, perhaps a video or two and links to some of those scores.

Here is a link to my home page where you should find the complete catalogue.

An example score from this group is St Francis' Prayer. This is available for SATB, SAA or medium voice solo.

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Guitar Music

The score catalogue on the new site is not functioning now, but there is a group of guitar compositions! These are at all levels of ability for groups and individuals!

An example arrangement: (Monty Python)

An example composition suitable for grade2/3:

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Original Instrumental Music

The music in this category varies from silly to serious, rock to Romantic, solo instrument to Concert Band or Orchestra. It comes as it likes and goes where it pleases. Here is the link and some example MP3s:

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Instrumental Arrangements and Orchestrations

This link will take you to my arrangements page. Some of this music is classical, other music is traditional folk music. These arrangements are for small and large groups.

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Christmas Music

I will let this group speak for itself. There is a bias towards guitar arrangements, but there is some variety too including The Terrible Goose for classical musicians with a sense of humour!

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